"Harmony Hill gave me permission to be the author of my own life. Don’t let anyone tell you that because you have cancer your life is being ripped away. Pursue whatever lifts your heart.”
– Julie, Cancer Program Alumni.

Cancer Program

The heart of our mission at Harmony Hill is our Cancer Program. We are dedicated to keeping our Cancer Program offered at no cost to participants.
The Cancer Program at Harmony Hill consists of  three-day extended retreats, offsite workshops and our webinar series.   Our Cancer Program components serve as supportive adjuncts to medical treatment meant to enhance and support, not replace, conventional medicine. We believe that those living with a diagnosis, both during and past treatment, should have access to many tools on their journeys through cancer. Our program components address the psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of cancer patients. 
In addition to our general cancer retreats, which are open to anyone that has ever had a cancer diagnosis, as well as a loved one or caregiver, we also provide retreats with a specific focus, i.e, families affected by cancer, couples, those affected by lymphedema and others.  Please follow the link below to Extended Cancer Retreats for more details. 
 Please note, regardless of your treatment status, being under the care of a health professional is required for participation in this program. Learn more about our Cancer Program offerings by following the links below:
Extended Cancer Retreats - Three-day retreats designed to help individuals find emotional, mental and spiritual healing in the face of cancer.
The Journey Series -  Offsite workshops which offer a variety of topics providing practical resources and strategies for those facing the challenge of cancer.